WFA for Refractory

  • Available sizes:

    0-0.1mm, 0.2-0.5mm, 1-2mm, or any other sizes by customer’s requirement.

  • Packing way:

    25kgs / bag or 1000kgs / big bag or by customer's request.

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White Fused Alumina(FT-WA-REF) is one kind of grain made from high purity Bayer process alumina. Raw materials and furnacing practices are carefully controlled to ensure the highest purity and optimum crystal structure. FT-WA-REF is crushed in such a manner to produce blocky grain distribution with a higher bulk density.

WA for Refractory is used as raw materials in dense refractory products requiring high purity in elevated temperature. These materials are also used in bonded products, as well as in the form of loose grain.


For Insulating Refractories,

For Refractory Castable.

Chemical Composition (% by weight)




















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