WFA Micro Sizes

  • Available sizes:

    FEPA series :F240,F280,F320,F360,F400,F500,F600,F800,F1000,F1200
    JIS series :240#,280#,320#,360#,400#,500#,600#,700#,800#,1000#,1200#,1500#,2000#
    Or any other sizes by customer’s requirement.

  • Packing way:

    25kgs / bag or 1000kgs / big bag or by customer’s request.

You are welcome to contact our sales department if you are interested or want to learn more information.

White fused alumina oxide micro size is made from the high quality alumina by melting above 2000 °C in the electric arc furnace .It is a kind of particles with closely controlled particle size distribution and uniform appearance.


Sandblasting, polishing and grinding of metal and glass;

Used for wear-resistant floor;

Production of polishing liquid, solid wax and liquid wax;

Main Chemical Composition (% by weight)









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