Blue Fired

  • Available sizes:

    F8-F220, F240-F1200, or any other sizes by customer’s requirement.

  • Packing way:

    25kgs/bag or 1000kgs / big bag or by customer’s request.

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Blue Fired (Heat Treated Brown Fused Alumina) is a specially treatment blocky, medium bulk density BFA, after treated with high temperature,the dusty, toughness,capillarity,M.I are improved a lot. It is mainly used to manufacture high-speed intensity sand belts,top grade bonded abrasive tools,large scale cuttly wheels and heavey loaded grinding wheels.

Physical Analysis

Physical Properties

Color Blue


Blocky, Edge Sharp

Crystal Form

Alpha alumina trigonal system

Specific Gravity



9.0 Mohs scale

Magnetic Material


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