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Atomised FerroSilicon 15%

Usage::Dense Medium SeparationSi::15%Shape::SphericalSize::Cyclone 40,Cyclone 60,Coarse,Fine

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Atomised Ferrosilicon is typically used in DMS- Dense Medium Separation applications where the separating density is above 3.0 specific gravity (sg) for static baths and 3.2 sg for cyclones. The particle shape of Atomised FeSi is more spherical than with Milled FeSi. 

Five different grades of atomised ferrosilicon can be produced, which differs only in the size distribution, named coarse, fine, extra-fine, cyclone 60, and cyclone 40. Main feature of the Atomised grades is the ability to produce high medium densities combined with low viscosities, particularly at densities greater than 3.0 sg.


As Heavy Media for Dense Medium Separation process in Mining and Floatation in Metal Recovery Industry. 



Available Sizes:

Cyclone 40, Cyclone 60, Fine Size, Coarse Size, any other sizes can be provided as per clients request.

Packing way :

 1 ton/big bag, or 250kg/drum on pallet, or packed as your requirement.


We are supplying our DMS FeSi to South Africa, Australia, Canada, UK, Russia, Mid East, Japan etc for their DMS Process in Diamond, Nickel, Lead, Zinc, Copper mines etc and Metal Recovery. 

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Notes: In order to prevent dust emission and air pollution, please ensure the sealing and integrity of the product packaging during transportation and storage; please ensure that the product is used under the condition of equipped with dust-proof articles and installed with dust removal device.