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Zirconia Beads for Blasting

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Zirconia Beads for Blasting 

Zirconia Beads for blasting are produced by fusing high quality zirconium sand under over 2000 temperature and then made into different micro beads through special technology. Zirconia Beads are durable blasting media that can smooth the surfaces of all kinds of aluminum, steel, and other non-ferrous alloys to remove oxide, sand, rust, coatings and burrs. 

The main chemical composition of Zirconia Beads is 60-66% ZrO2, which determines that it will not generate new ferrous contamination to the workpieces.


Features of Zirconia Beads for blasting:

High Hardness,Good Impact Resistance;

Low breakdown rate,High consistent blasting effect;

High sphericity, Superior smooth surface;

No Ferrous Contamination to the substrate material;

High Efficiency with low energy consumption;

Lower dust generation, better operating visibility.


Applications of Zirconia Beads, including but not limited to:

1, Sandblasting: Plastic, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper and other alloy workpieces;

2, Cleaning, Polishing:  Steel pipe, copper pipe and other metal pipes the internal and external wall;

3, Shot peening: Aviation, shipbuilding, automobile, machinery and other metal parts;

4, Grinding dispersion: Chemical, food, pharmaceutical industry, such as liquid and powder;

5, Vibration polishing: The structure of the complex precious metal jewelry.


Specifications of Zirconia Beads:

Chemical Composition

Specific density

Bulk Density

Vicker Hardness











Available Sizes:

B20:  0.600-0.850mm

B100:  0.125-0.180mm

B30:  0.425-0.600mm

B120:  0.063-0.125mm

B40:  0.250-0.425mm

B170:  0.045-0.090mm

B60:  0.125-0.250mm

B205:  0.000-0.063mm

B80:  0.180-0.250mm

B400:  0.030-0.063mm

   Other sizes are also available as per customer’s requirement.


Packing way:

  25 kg plastic drums or 12.5 kg pot on pallet.


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