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  • Boron Carbide

Boron Carbide

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Boron Carbide, black powder, is the hardest of the conventional abrasives. Its Mohs hardness is 9.36, melting point 2350c, density 2.51g/cm3. It has following unique features: neutron absorbing, semi-conductivity, low thermal conductivity, high grinding efficiency and no reaction with either acids or alkali etc.



Boron carbide is widely used to grind and polish hard metal alloy, super-hard metal, high carbide steel, jewel, hard ceramic and other hard materials, and to manufacture wear-resisting parts, metal cutting tools, nozzles and neutron-absorbing rods, used as metal additive for compound materials for military planes and as raw materials for metal boride, metal ceramic, boron steel, boron alloy and for special welding and refractory materials.



   For Making Abrasives;

   For Polishing, Sapphire;

   For Refractory, Steel Making;

   For Making high performance Ceramic tools;

   For neutron absorbing in nuclear industries.

Chemical Composition (% by weight)


Packing way:

25kgs or 50kgs packed in paper drum, or can be packed on request.


Our Esteemed Customers:

For our Abrasive Materials, we supply to Saint-Gobain and CUMI (Carborundum Universal,India) etc.

For our Refractory Materials, we supply to Calderys and Saint-Gobain Ceramics etc.

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Notes: In order to prevent dust emission and air pollution, please ensure the sealing and integrity of the product packaging during transportation and storage; please ensure that the product is used under the condition of equipped with dust-proof articles and installed with dust removal device.