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Escalation of China’s environmental controls

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Date: Oct 25,2019


As winter is coming, the authority of Henan Province have implemented strict environment regulations in order to improve air quality.

On October 18, including Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Jiaozuo and other major production areas issued Code Orange to deal with the upcoming air pollution problems. Some abrasive industries has been required to reduce production or even suspend production to reduce pollutant emission. The regulation in Xingyang is stricter. As some fused alumina producers from Xingyang said, they have been shut their factories for months. However, some big factories in Shangjie area can still continue their production, some small factories have been asked to stop production.

The policy also affects the price. Recently, the demand for the refractory industry has declined. Now, the enactment of environment regulations has brought uncertainty to the current situation, the price of refractory fused alumina is under increasing pressure.

In fact, not only Henan province, but also Shandong and Shanxi provinces have started to combat environment pollutant, forcing many mine kilns to reduce or suspend production.

Futong’s BFA plant is one of the only few factories who are allowed to continue Fusing and Processing BFA products while many others are forced to suspend, because our plant’s environmental pollutant treatment equipment is well installed and controlled. However during the time of the most strict regulations, even we have to stop production.