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Coronavirus 19 Epidemic situation and our Countermeasures

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Date: Apr 10,2020

At present, the world meets serious difficulties of spreading COVID-19. It affects people’s daily life and causes a lot of inconvenience to our social and economic activities. We hope that you have suffered no or minimum damage from the epidemic and wish you and your family and all loved ones safety and good health.


Even under such circumstances, Futong always insists the value that to contribute to the cooperation with our customers through stable supply of safe, professional, innovative and valuable products and services. Futong has prepared reasonable measures and now is doing our best to sustain stable supply chain. During production, we train our employees on health and safety standards, workers take temperature measurement every day, and we have implemented enhanced cleaning and social distancing measures. All the production processes are well sanitary checked. There is no evidence to show that there is any virus within the package,and all orders run through a lot of scanning before the package been sent out. So please do not worry about the quality of the product.


With the global epidemic getting worse , Futong Industry is willing to do what we can to help our customers.If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact us.


Thank you for your long-term support and trust in our company.


We believe that through the cooperation and efforts of all sectors of society, the world will eventually overcome the epidemic in the nearest future.

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